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Some Good Books for Gifts

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Great Holiday Gift Books

Giving someone a book as a gift is a great way to show that you care for them. Few things can touch the heart as much as a good book.

With this in mind, Mountain Made hosted a multi-author book signing showcasing the works of Celia Miles, Nancy Dillingham, CC Tillery, Jack Pyle and Taylor Reece.

Description of the novel, Journey To Stenness by Celia H. Miles: “Recently widowed, Harriet Hendry takes her husband’s ashes to Orkney, but her unstated mission is to find out why the topic of his youth on the Scottish island was strictly off limits in their marriage.”

Excerpt from Americana Rural by Nancy Dillingham – a North Carolina family history, with all its joy and imperfection, is explored through poems and prose:“Fragile Freeways – Life was laid out so neatly leading straight home until you drove by … and the road became a dark question mark serpentine under a lonely sky.”

Description of the book, Whistling Woman by CC Tillery (sisters and co-authors Cyndi Tillery Hodges & Christy Tillery French):“In the waning years of the 19th century, Bessie Daniels grows up in a small town in rural North Carolina. Secure in the love of her father, resistant to her mother’s desire that she be a proper Southern belle, Bessie is determined to forge her own way in life. Or, as her Cherokee great-grandmother Elisi puts it, to be a whistling woman…”

Description of the novel, In The Death of Adam Stone by Jack Pyle:“A classic American murder [mystery], Jack R. Pyle shows us that the mean streets may sometimes lead to one’s own family. This is a tale of money, intrigue, and kinship whose alienated hero Raymond Chandler would have hailed as one of the boys, set in the Florida…”–Sharyn McCrumb, NY Times Best-selling author.”

Description of the memoir, A Picture of the Past by Taylor Reese:”Taylor Reese, a farm boy from Eastern North Carolina, served in World War II and became the president of a national trade association. This memoir covers his life from high school graduation to his retirement in 1989: a tale of the trials of gaining an education without grants, the World War II years, the married years, the search for fame, the trials of dealing with monkeys and snakes, and the time when the man who couldn’t fly bought an airplane. “

The Authors at Mountain Made’s October Book Signing


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