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Mountain Made at the 2012 Home Show!

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On March 15-18, 2012 MOUNTAIN MADE had its debut trade show appearance at the 2012 Home Show at the former Asheville Civic Center.

As mentioned before in our monthly newsletter, this year MOUNTAIN MADE is going to seek out more ways to help you with your home decorating projects: both large  and small.  Learn more about artful living and custom home decorating at our new blog or read our other DIY home decorating posts here.

“Why should someone settle for what they can find online or at some furniture showroom, when they can easily have a special piece, handmade and created just for them – at the same price?”, Melinda said about custom-ordered home furnishings.

This is why Melinda showcased five of our best local artisans who create custom home furnishings, in this year’s Home Show.  Check out these pictures of our booth!

About the show, Melinda said, “We had lots of good response from people who dropped by… but we understand that with something like a big home decorating project, it can take a while for someone to arrange everything.”

“But we hope that when it comes to selecting any custom furnishings that people will think about ordering work from our artisans. I feel that the handcrafted wood furnishings, floor coverings, wrought ironwork, movable panels and ceramic tiles that are available through the store are superb!”

Feel free to go check our new blog on home decorating and artful living!

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