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Mountain Artisan Creates Toys for Haitian Children Dolly Drive

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Asheville textile artist and Mountain Made client, Pam Knies joined with several other crafters and artisans to participate in the Dolly Donations program.

Dolly Donations was created by Sarah Hanson in order to encourage people to make and donate handmade dollies to children in need around the world.  Hanson was inspired to this mission by watching her own daughter interact with her dollies and remembering that as a child the special relationship she had to her own toys.

Presently the program’s focus is providing instructions and inspiration, along with facilitating donations through various “Dolly Drives” to benefit specific organizations or charities that need help for the children they sponsor.

The current Dolly Drive is for Hope Village in southern Haiti.  It’s an orphanage run by Free the Kids, a non-profit organization run by Father Marc Boisvert.  Father Marc is a former US Navy Chaplain who created this organization as a response to the devastating poverty he saw while serving in the Navy.

Hope Village provides shelter, medical care, and food for the children they serve, but they do so with a focus on helping them become self-sufficient adults.

The children help farm the food and even help build their own dormitories, in the process learning about agriculture, masonry, carpentry, etc.  You can read more about the organization on their website click here ==>:

For more detailed information about the current drive Pam is participating in click below:

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