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Live Art Demonstrations in July 2012 – Drop By To Watch Our Artists In Action!

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Mountain Made is pleased to offer live art demonstrations during the entire month of July 2012!
Five local artists from HARP (the Handcrafted Artisan Revitalization Program) will be holding live pottery, jewelry making, silverware and glassblowing demonstrations in a portable artist studio inside the gallery.

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And if you wish, continue reading to see a complete schedule below…

Live Art Demonstrations for July 1-31 2012

Glassblowing by Jason Probstein

July 2012

Mondays:  10-2  Jamie Frank Boccardy – copper jewelry
2-6   Anita Walling – pottery

Tuesdays:  10-2  Jamie Frank Boccardy – copper jewelry
2-6    Anita Walling – pottery

Wednesdays:  10-2  Jason Probstein – glassblowing
2-6 Rob Seven – silverware art

Thursdays:  10-2 Jason Probstein – glass
2-6 Rob Seven– silverware art

Fridays:  10-2 Jason Probstein – glassblowing
2-6 Sondra Hastings – pottery

Saturdays:  10-2 Jason Probstein  – glassblowing
2-6  Sondra Hastings – pottery

Sundays:  12-5  Jason Probstein – glassblowing


We invite you to visit this month and take advantage this wonderful experience.

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