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Live Art Demo – Astonishing Wood Sculptures by Brian Monteleone

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From Contractor to Wood Sculpture Artist – a Journey of Passion

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” ~ Aristotle


Have you ever wondered where artists’ get their ideas? Or how they develop a passion for creating their wonderful art pieces?

We invite you come the Mountain Made gallery on Saturday, June 1st from 11AM-2Pm for a live question and answer session and art exhibit with wood sculptor Brian Monteleone.  According to Brian Monteleone, his passion for wood sculpting started innocently enough…

Twenty years ago, while on spring break, he visited his father and uncles at their little hunting cabin in New York state.

The property around the cabin was being logged at the time and while everyone else was out hunting, Brian took one of the rough cut timbers lying around and carved out a life-size Indian statue – using a chainsaw.

While Brian admits his first piece was “screw-up looking” and very rough cut it was fun and the beginning of his love affair with wood sculpting.

Over the years, he has always come returned to his love of wood carving – despite his responsibilities as a working contractor and a single father raising two kids.

Brian says, “I have always come back to wood sculpture. I keep making it fit into my life because I can’t seem to not do it.”

Brian goes on to say about his unique, twisted sculpture style, “While realistic and recognizable, my works concentrate heavily on movement, weightlessness, negative space and simple lines. My favorite subject is architecture – trying to make buildings dance and to have the streets and hidden alleyways invite the viewer right into the sculpture…”

“…Nearly everything I’ve created in the past few years has an emotional connection a story or an explanation. We all have places that are special to us: the restaurant of your first date, the street where you grew up, the park bench where your kids would hang out every summer.

I feel like we should decorate our homes and offices with art that not only looks nice and creates conversation, but has a deeper emotional connection, whether private or shared with the people who view the piece.”


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