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If You Love Appalachian Crafts Then New Joys Await You in the Fall

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Free on Friday, Oct 1th?

Gallery Reception -5PM-8PM

Join the MOUNTAIN MADE art gallery in celebrating the some of the best in local American crafts during the Downtown Gallery Art Walk weekend and American Craft Week

In honor of the wonderful work that is produced by our American craftmen and artisans, the Asheville art gallery MOUNTAIN MADE will be participating in both the American Crafts Week event and our own Downtown Gallery Art Walk on Friday, October 1st, 2010.

Kicking off the Downtown Gallery Art Walk weekend, Mountain Made will be hosting a gallery reception from 5pm-8pm featuring legendary NC potter Charlie Brown.

The Brown family has been making face jug pottery for 8 generations and in fact their family business is the oldest face jug producing enterprise in the country!

While faces have appeared on all types of pottery for centuries, in American crafts, face jugs were first believed to have been created by African-American slaves to serve as grave markers. These ‘ugly face’ jugs were thought to chase away ‘evil spirits’.

Later on this art of making face jugs spread throughout the Southern states, and where it became a part of Charlie Brown’s family heritage.

Drop in during our gallery reception and take advantage of this opportunity to meet this exceptional artist in person. Charlie will be demonstrating his pottery making techniques that evening. Light refreshments, wine, and live local music will be provided.

Also during the gallery reception on Friday, Oct. 1st, as well Charlie Brown, other MOUNTAIN MADE gallery and Home Crafts artists will be demonstrating, glass blowing, basket weaving, spinning, creating floor cloths and building cardboard dulcimers (yes, cardboard – you won’t believe what you hear!)

Several of our artists will be conducting live demonstrations throughout the entire American Crafts Week from Oct. 1-10, 2010 as well. Almost everyone will be available for questions during his or her time at the MOUNTAIN MADE gallery.

Come join us while we host this special celebration of glorious autumn in WNC along with American Crafts Week.

For more information on this event, contact store manager, Melinda Knies, at 828-350-0307 or e-mail staff[at]

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