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The Idea Of America by Asheville Writer Bill Jamison

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Are Our Principles Eroding or Enduring?

“The Idea of America” offers a message of hope from a granddaddy to his grandchildren. It expresses both pride and frustration in the work of his generation, and challenges all of us to stand resolute in our daily efforts to improve upon our successes and transform our failures.

This work opens a channel for creative and collaborative conversation about the pressing needs of the USA at home and in our relations with neighbors around the world.

What people say:

“The book is written by an American for Americans. For an European there is not much new in the book. The author puts many question marks on what is evident for an American but not so evident for other nationalities.

The non-American has a great admiration for the ideals of the founding fathers but does not find these ideals any more in the daily politics (internal and external) politics of the USA.

Every American should read the book to become aware of the loss of many crucial ideals in the USA. He/she will also remember that everything, including the USA itself, is relative (in all the senses of that word).”


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