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End of the World Sale – Dec 21, 2012

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December 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan long-count calendar and the possible beginning of the end say some Doomsday preppers.

But is the 21th really the “End of the World”?

“Hardly! I haven’t got all my holiday shopping done yet!” says Mountain Made owner, Melinda Knies. Mountain Made is an Asheville art gallery located in the downtown Grove Arcade.

“With all the negative news about the weather, the economy and other happenings, I felt we should do something special here in the gallery on December 21th. Something just to prove not everything going on in the world is horrible or ugly.” said Knies.

Melinda laughed and went on to say “When I told my staff I was going to be offering special discounts, on select items in the store, they all said ‘well it must be the end of the world because you never have a sale!’ “

“But I feel that people have forgotten that December 21th, is also Winter Solstice (the first day of winter). Winter Solstice has long been seen as a time for people to rest, reflect and take note of all the good things that have happened during the past year.”

It was with this thought in mind that Melinda said, “We will be offering:

Hand-bound Leather and Silk Journals – To record new journeys in the coming year

Handcrafted Mirrors – To reflect upon our lives: past, present and future

Historical Books & Novels – To ponder the past

A Handcrafted Wood Chair – To rest in while dreaming of what the future might bring

Handmade Soaps – “Little luxuries” to soak away the present stress and struggles

Lamps – To light the path for ourselves and others into the future

Handcrafted Jewelry

And of course we have the marvelous new ‘Winter Solstice’ jewelry series by Kate Stockman. Kate has created 11 unique pieces – one for each day from the 21th to the 31th. We think each pieces is just fabulous.


Click Image above to view more jewelry by Kate Stockman

Still hopping for the holidays? Check out our list of “little luxuries” for under $25. Or come by the gallery anytime on December 21th to see which items have been discounted for this special “End of the World” sale.

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