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Dreams of Sand by Asheville Author Annalise Bernadette

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Dreams of Sand is a story of a National Guardsman who is unexpectedly deployed during Desert Storm in 1990. It is a story of small town life, love and relationships.

Excerpt from Dreams of Sand:

The following days turned into weeks, and before long it was August. Every morning, the sun rose majestically over Lake Huron announcing the start of another day filled with the hum of bees and the sound of gulls and the occasional ice cream truck that wound its way through the streets.

Though the days seemed lazy and predictable, there was a tension in the air, the cause of which Grace could not quite put her finger on. It was as though a storm were brewing.

Yes, in this hot, hazy summer of 1990, a subtle shift in mood had woven itself into the fabric of Grace Moore’s life and the lives of those around her.

dreams of sand cover

What people say about this book:

“A compelling story about an ordinary life turned around by the forces of war…a topic well worth discussion. A very entertaining debut novel for Annalise Bernadette. I look forward to her next.”

“This is a story that grabbed my mind and heart and made me want to read more and more about the characters. I kept wondering what will happen to this beautiful family, how will this story end, happy or sadly? My emotions and feelings changed with every chapter!  The visual details of this story are amazing, I felt like I was right there with this family so many times. My heart is with those of you who read this story and have experienced a love for life as Grace did. Very well written Annalise! Much success to you always! Look forward to your next book!”


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