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Copper Jewelry Artist Jamie Frank Boccardy

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Jamie Boccardy began her artist journey several years ago, here in the Appalachian Mountains, as an effort to create unique gifts for her family and friends.

Jamie Frank Boccardy

However over time, her artwork has become a creative outlet that focused on creating jewelry made from copper and mixed metals. Each of her unique designs is handcrafted from both raw metals and recycled materials.

All of her jewelry pieces are hand-cut, hand-hammered and hand-riveted reflect her passion for art as well as nature. Several times while looking at her work; we were reminded of the hoard of Anglo-Saxon jewelry and ancient treasures that was discovered a bit ago in an English farmer’s field.

But you don’t have to go all the way to Great Britain to see some wonderful metalwork jewelry!

We would like for you to come by the gallery on Mondays and Tuesdays (10AM-2PM) this month to discover these unique pieces for yourself and to watch or talk with Jamie, live and in-person!

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