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Ceramic Sculptures by Jim Kransberger

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The “Girlfriends” –

Six Original Ceramic Smalls


Ceramic Sculptures by Jim Kransberger

Ceramic Sculptures by Jim Kransberger

Ceramic Sculptures By Asheville Artist, Jim Kransberger

These playful hand sculpted ceramic statuettes are a group of six “smalls” that artist Jim Kransberger recently brought by the gallery.  Affectionately nicknamed the “Girlfriends” by the staff, each unique figurine is signed and numbered (all less than 100).

In the past Jim created  hand carved wooden pieces and Automata (a moving mechanical sculpture). You can read these two posts about Jim’s earlier works here.

But we had not heard from him in a while because as Jim wrote on his site, “In 2013 I accepted no invitations nor entered any “call for work” offerings.

My reason was that I was making a complete transition to clay, to develop a certain level of ability — not to mention a recovery from hand surgery in December of 2012.

Like Cortéz, I scuttled my ships…As my clay improved I began pulling older work from the galleries. My goal was to start from scratch . . . a clean break.

Clay — by far — is the best medium I have ever worked in. It fits my mood and forgives my errors.  CERAMICS . . . is where I am today.

These figures are my first attempt to make “smalls.” They are between five and six inches tall and hopefully . . . collectable.”

We think that the “Girlfriends” are just great and we hope you find these whimsical pieces as delightful as we do.

NOTE: These wonderful pieces came to us unlabeled. We took the liberty to name each one but if one of the Girlfriends looks like someone else you know, you can always rename her!

All of these sculptures are available online on our eStore!

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