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Asheville Sculptor Jim Kransberger – Automata Creator

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Jim has had his work displayed in the gallery a few years ago…he says,” My work is not complex. It is, however, evolving. As I improve my skills, yesterday’s goals are replaced with those that have been newly made possible, yet still lie ahead. There is no “grand plan,” I am a wanderer by nature.”

In with this in mind, Jim has returned to Mountain Made and brought along some his wonderful and whimsical “wildlife” sculptures with him.

Jim says…“Simply put, I make mechanical sculpture. It is sculpture because it is carved, for the most part sort of folk art like. It is mechanical because one must construct a mechanism to give it motion. The proper name for this is Automata (au-tom-at-a).”

Automatas derive from the ancient art of creating what we now think of as “clockwork” or mechanical figures. Usually powered by wind, water or human-driven levers or gears, Automata art is always a joy to behold.

While the pieces, Jim has on exclusive display with us here, are not in the true sense “Automata”, they do give you the impression of motion and flight.

Jim Kransberger arrived at American Folk by a road less traveled. He is not educated as an artist. He claims he only studied at the Toledo Museum of Art on Saturdays all the way through the 3rd grade.

“Although all art has a responsibility, an honesty, a point-of-view,” Jim says, “it also must not take itself too seriously from a makers’ stand point. The delight I find within Automata, mechanical sculpture, is that there is a lighter side to most everything…I don’t lose that perspective.”


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