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Asheville Potter and Clay Alchemist Anita Walling

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Anita Walling likes to think of herself as a bit of a clay “alchemist”. Down through history, alchemists were passionately interested in “transmutation” – the secret of turning common base materials into valued treasures.

Anita Walling

And you might believe it too, after watching Anita, with just the minimum of tools – use her hands to directly pinch and mold common clays into organic and sensuous pots, bowls and other table top treasures.

Anita first came to art as a knitter – walking the woods of Vermont to collect various colored leaves to dye her homespun yards. But in 2003, she switched her medium and turned to working with clay.

Anita says she felt an immediate connection with this art form and has been captivated by it ever since. And while she has had many ceramic classes down through the years, she still feels that her hands and her interaction with clay are her best teachers.

And you may notice that each piece she creates is filled with a sense of joy and s aliveness. And we would like to invite you to drop by the gallery on Mondays and Tuesdays (2PM-6PM) this month to discover these wonderful pieces and to watch or talk with Anita, live and in-person!

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