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Asheville Basket Makers Show Off

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“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Baskets and basket making is one of mankind’s oldest and most widespread crafts.

From the frigid arctic north to the scorching desert heat, all types of cultures have made baskets for everything from harvesting and hauling, to storage and stacking to unique home decorating pieces.

While no one is quire certain how old the art of basket weaving really is, researchers have found fragments of ancient baskets as old 10,000 to 12,000 years BC.  That makes basketry older than any known pottery items!

So baskets have been a part of our everyday lives for a long time.

Asheville Baskets at Mountain Made

Asheville Baskets at Mountain Made

Well, the basket-makers, weavers and fiber artists here in Asheville have brought in a wonderful selection of baskets and vessels.

Asheville Basket Makers Show Off Their Wares

We have large coiled planter baskets made by David Cook from native North Carolina smoke-vines…


We also have nest and nature-inspired woven baskets by Carla and Greg Filippelli…


We have traditional weave basketry from local crafter Judy Quinn…


And coiled textile baskets by Beverly Putnam…


 As well as one-of-a-kind contemporary “fiber vessels” by Paige Houghton…


If you love baskets or just know someone who does, then we invite you to come by the gallery and browse this great selection of baskets from our local artists.

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