Dan Debettencourt

Altered Landscapes by Dan deBettencourt


Dan deBettencourt always wanted to be an artist. He says, “In my 20s I went to art school, graduated, lived in my studio and made art. I worked in objects and experiences. I didn’t care much for the business end of the art world…[but] when life got serious (marriage, child, debts) I went to nursing school to help make ends meet.

Now, I work as a nurse and am incredibly fortunate to have a beautiful and loving family. But my artistic endeavors have taken a back seat over these past years and I’ve striven to keep these dreams afloat

Enter painting. I’ve dabbled in painting many times over the years but began taking it seriously in 2016.

Following this path of painting I’ve allowed aspects like form and color to lead the way but have remained rooted in the landscape as, for me, it’s the root of all visual delight.”