Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, a master potter from Arden, NC, crafts more than just pottery; he shares his family’s stories in clay. Charlie is the keeper of an artistic tradition that has flowed through his family since 1924.

As a direct descendant of the BROWN BROS. pottery company, Charlie continues to produce some of the most iconic and historically rich pottery in the region.

The Brown family is known for being some of the oldest producers of “Ugly Face Jugs” and Southern Folk pottery in the country, Charlie’s work offers not just an artistic appeal; it provides a tangible connection to the past.

Diving into Folk Art Pottery and Face Jugs History

Folk pottery refers to the traditional craft of creating utilitarian and decorative ceramic wares by hand, which often reflects the cultural and regional heritage of the area where it’s produced.

This type of pottery is typically passed down through generations within families, who maintain many of these inherited techniques and styles.

Folk potters like Charlie Brown, frequently use clays found in the area and produce ceramic products that are both functional and artistic, using the colors, and designs that are typical of their local communities.