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Artful Living – Cont.

My thoughts on “Artful Living” are centered on the concept of people creating beautiful homes in order to have a more relaxed and satisfying lifestyle while enjoying the functional beauty of contemporary mountain arts and crafts.

In my art gallery business, I get great pleasure from working with talented local artisans and showcasing their exquisite examples of their home décor and architectural pieces.

This is why I have created this new home decorating website.

What I love most about my work is collaborating closely with my customers to help them find just the right pieces to decorate their home or the homes of their family, friends or neighbors.

I’m passionate about helping clients create the homes they will be proud to “show-off” yet truly want to live in and feel great about.

As a result I have gathered together several local artistans – who make everything from handmade tiles for fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes, to hand-painted floor coverings, portable archetictural screens, recycled metal framed mirrors, to the finest in wooden furnishings, as well as metal accent pieces for outdoor retreats and garden gates!

So feel free to browse our blog to learn more about the rich experience of Artful Living by Mountain Made.


Melinda Knies - Owner Mountain Made Gallery 





~ Melinda Knies, Owner of the Mountain Made – An Asheville Art Gallery

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